Speakers & Seminars


Thank you for your interest in leading a seminar at the Mystical Market.

CKMM is now accepting New Speaker Applications for our ongoing monthly seminar series.  Applications are due by the 30thof every month for the following month’s event.  So, if you are interested in presenting a seminar at our December event, then your application should be submitted no later than November 30th.

Please review the information below about our process. 

The link to apply can be found below.

We’re looking for speakers who will get our attendees excited, and they come in every shape, size, age, color, and perspective. It’s about the value of the message and your unique approach to presenting it. Topics ranging from the metaphysical, mystical to the paranormal are all encouraged!  We encourage speakers to review the application carefully & submit the best application to represent yourself. We are happy to answer questions anytime.



We require that potential speakers take the time to submit a comprehensive package to us for consideration.

  • Program Titles, topics, intended audiences, and description paragraph.
  • A link to your book or articles you have written, relevant to your proposed speaking topic. This isn’t a requirement; we will review all applications submitted.
  • A list of previous events and/or conferences you’ve presented at if any.


Click Here to Submit Your Application!