Who you will see

As they are confirmed for the upcoming event we will be listing our readers and vendors with their location by booth and room below.

Most of our readers and psychics will be in what is labeled “pre-function” and “lobby” areas in the booths mapped in GREEN.

Most of our vendors offering on-site merchandise will be in the Man-O-War, Claiborne, Lexington, and Keeneland rooms with their booths mapped in RED, as these rooms can be locked overnight for security.

This floor plan above is subject to change without notice and is not necessarily to scale.

June 26 & 27 2021 Vendor Legend
Prefunction Area
1 Henna by Anna Rose
2 Sweet Southern Medium
3 Sweet Southern Medium
4 Triple Goddess Gifts
5 Ky Love Doctor
6 Spirit Mechanix
7 Joanie Conn
8 Gypsy Wings
9 The Equimist
10 JoAnna
11 Healing WIB
12 Info Booth

Lexinton/Keeneland Rooms
13 Haley’s Handmade
14 Cathy’s Sassy Nail
15 Scarefest Radio
16 Wolf Run
17 Wolf Run
18 Treehouse Goods
19 Mama Growing Magic
20 Recently Deceased Art
21 Neptune’s Sacred Arrow
22 Rose “Thousand Petals”

Prefunction Area
23 For the Love of the Mother
24 Blythe’s Paranormal Productions


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Sunday noon to 5 pm

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Wolf Run Wildlife Sanctuary